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Hand and Feet


Teenage Treats


The complete slimming and toning system, your own personal trainer.

Take Ten

One treatment: 15 minutes - £41.00

Course of ten treatments and one maintenance - £410.00

The most powerful non surgical face lift machine on the market today. Due to this each facial takes ten minutes and results are visible after the first session. It is the only system that rebuilds facial muscle mass thanks to the mediwave technology.

Slim tone Module

One treatment: 40 minutes - £41.00

Course of ten treatments and one maintenance - £410.00

This provides slimming, toning and cellulite programmes for the body. Results are immediate and can be intensified depending on the level of your workout just like conventional exercise.

Micro-tech Face and Body

Lip Plumping: 10 minutes - £13.00

Eyes Like Diamonds: 25minutes - £47.00

Using micro current this encourages an increase in the body’s natural ability to increase protein supply and in particular collagen and elastin.

Indian Head Massage

30 minutes - £27.00

A therapeutic massage concentrating on the pressure points to ease tension and headaches.

Make Up

Make-Up One to One

1 hour - £43.00

Express Make-Up

30 minutes - £28.00

Wedding Make-Up

1 hour 20 - £67.00


Australian bodycare’s efficient waxing system has been designed for a fast and hygienic treatment. The combination of tea tree oil’s natural antiseptic qualities coupled with stringent controls at every step of the treatment makes it the most hygienic waxing system available.

For any intimate delicate areas, the use of hot wax with its soothing properties will be used.

1/2 leg

20 minutes - £21.00

3/4 leg

30 minutes - £23.00

Full leg

40 minutes - £30.00

Full leg and bikini

50 minutes - £38.00


20 minutes - £16.50


30 minutes - £29.00


40 minutes - £31.00

Under Arm

15 minutes - £13.50

Half Arm

20 minute - £13.50

Full Arm

25 minutes - £15.50


10 minutes - £11.50


10 minutes - £10.00


10 minutes - £10.00

Lip and chin

15 minutes - £10.50

Face (sides)

10 minutes - £10.50


Electrolysis treatment

20 minutes - £16.50


Permanent removal of unwanted hair using disposable sterile needles and gloves

Hand and Feet

Clarins Manicure


50 minutes - £25.00

50 minutes - £37.00

Nail and cuticle work, hand and arm exfoliation, massage and varnish.

Clarins Deluxe Manicure

1 hour - £33.00

As above with the addition of heated mittens.

French Manicure

1 hour - £26.50

As manicure with French polish.

Clarins Relaxing Pedicure


50 minutes - £30.00

50 minutes - £43.00

Nail and cuticle work, lower leg and foot exfoliation, hard skin removal, massage and varnish.

Deluxe Pedicure

1 hour - £37.00

As above with the addition of heated mittens.

Sixtus Pedicure

40 minutes - £34.00

An intense and specialised treatment using prescribed foot balms chosen for their effectiveness on all skin types and conditions from dry cracked heels, calluses, cold and hot feet, eczema, sensitive to blisters and itchiness.

Please bring open toed shoes to wear after a pedicure.

File and Polish

25 minutes - £13.00

File and Shellac application

30 minutes - £24.50

Heated Mittens Hands/Feet

20 minutes - £15.00



A patch test must be performed 24 hours before the initial treatment.

Eyelash Tint

20 minutes - £15.50

Eyebrow Trim

10 minutes - £11.50

Eyelash and Brow Tint

25 minutes - £33.00


Eyebrow Shape With Tint

20 minutes - £16.50

LVL Length, Volume, Lift

45 minutes - £51.50

By straightening your natural lashes at the root and then tinting them, the LVL Lash Lift gives you the appearance of longer, thicker lashes.  No mascara. No messing.  Just perfect lashes from the moment you wake up.


With an expert LVL technician.


It’s a closed eye procedure too. Relax.  Time for a power nap.  You’re then set up for 6-8 weeks.


We’re the undisputed authority in lash care. So you can be assured that our LVL products have been specifically formulated and tested to prevent damage to your lashes.


Teenage Treats

My Clarins Teenage Steam Facial

30 minutes - £31.00

Detox and Glow
A hydrating facial powered by nature.

This multi-level treatment will pump the skin with goodness whilst removing all the nasties. Using NEW My Clarins, drench your skin with plant extracts to help fight the signs of a hectic lifestyle. Designed with plant extracts that promote radiance and hydration with an anti-pollution complex that will help protect the skin from the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor pollution.

Your recipe for healthy skin starts here.

Make-up or Mess It Up!

40 minutes - £32.00

Don’t spend years making mistakes get it right from the start. Our therapists will guide you through the choices of colour to the application techniques from our range of make-up.

Nail Care

30 minutes - £17.50

Gain knowledge of growing beautiful natural nails and banishing any bad habits whilst we care for your nails.