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Skin Blitz Facial

1 hour 10 minutes - £48.00

Bespoke multi-action grooming treatment. Shaving bumps and irritation, stress and tiredness, greyness and congestion… Whatever life puts your skin through, this super-relaxing bespoke facial will target and treat it. Your face will look and feel refreshed, healthy and smooth.

AT HOME: Clarins Men Skin Care

Muscle Ease Body Massage

1 hour 10 minutes - £48.00

Deeply soothing therapeutic body massage. Whether you’ve overdone it at the gym or work, this intensely therapeutic massage eases tense shoulders, back knots and aches. Aromatic essential oils supercharge the stress-reliving benefits, restoring your sense of well being.

AT HOME: Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil

Energizing Back, Neck & Scalp Massage

45 minutes - £35.00

Detoxifying and decongesting back cleanse and massage. A rejuvenating treatment that sorts out congested skin and tired muscles. Combines a decongesting back cleanse and deep massage to relieve tension and aches. The ultimate post exercise pick-me-up to leave you feeling chilled out instead of strung out.

AT HOME: Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil

Hot Stone Back Massage

30 minutes - £33.00

A deeply relaxing and uniquely personalised hot stone massage that gently releases tension, soothes aching muscles, eliminates toxins and calms mind and body. The secret is in the intuitive way the therapist uses her hands in harmony with 9 smooth, individually shaped, heat-releasing marble and slate stones.

AT HOME: Relax Pure-Melt Massage Gel


40 minutes - £20.00

Nail and cuticle work, exfoliation and massage.


40 minutes - £24.00

Nail and cuticle work, hard skin removal, foot exfoliation and massage.

Back Wax

20 minutes - £24.00

Today is bitter sweet as we had to close our doors for the second lockdown, however nothing can stop us celebrating 25 YEARS since we first opened our doors!

We owe these amazing 25 years to all of our fabulous customers who have continued to support us through thick and thin! So....

We will be here for you throughout this second lockdown offering a delivery and collection service on all our products! 

Someone will be at the shop every day throughout the lockdown, please call to enquire about products, leave your name and phone number so we can help you in any way we can!

Thank you everyone once again, it means the world to us.

We'll see you again in 4 weeks time!