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A fusion of science, touch and nature

Clarins Treatments are totally unique. They combine the power of the Clarins Touch – a specialised and skilful massage – with high performance formulas enriched with the purest plant extracts and aromatic essential oils.

In the expert hands of the Clarins Therapist, each treatment is perfectly adapted to your needs and wishes. Exclusive CLARINS PRO products which incorporate the latest plant discoveries and scientific innovations from Clarins Research will be applied using precise, targeted movements which flow seamlessly one after the other. The result is a blissful sensory experience that will address the way you look and feel.

Taking the time for a facial or body treatment is no longer a luxury but a necessity in our modern world. Today, feeling good starts with taking care of yourself. At Clarins, for over 60 years, our vocation has been to enhance your beauty thanks to the power of plants, science and touch.

– Dr Oliver Courtin-Clarins, Clarins Managing Director

Feel Good Treatments

New head-to-toe treatments for when you need a moment of ‘me-time’ away from your busy lifestyle to release stress and tension, re-energize and improve your mood. With unique sensorial experiences, tension-relieving massage movements and plant-powered products, our Wellness Treatments promote a feeling of infinite well-being for the body and mind, leaving your skin looking more radiant and soothed. “Leminskate” is a spiral, figure-of-eight movement carried out in a continuous manner on the face and body; it helps to regulate vital energy and facilitates deep relaxation.  For each Wellness Treatment, “Leminskate” adopts a specific rhythm and level of pressure.

More than just a massage, these three wellness-focused treatments will bring you back into balance.  Blissful textures, feel good aromas and high performance ingredients combine to offer an unrivalled mind and soul boost.  Skin looks healthy and radiant and feels nourished.

Ultra Relaxing Facial

60 minutes - £78.00

This game changing facial works to soothe the mind and helps to rebalance the skin.  Offering a complete digital detox, it synergistically combines guided breathing exercises, deeply relaxing Ayuroma Touch massage and calming essential oils to disconnect you from the stresses and strains of the outside world and reconnect with yourself.  The mind rebalances and refocuses, the skin loses tension lines and regains relaxed radiance. Pure Bliss.

Ayuroma Touch:
Ayuroma Touch is a unique combination of an ancestral Ayurvedic method and Clarins’ own unique know-how.  Offering the ultimate escape from daily stresses, the deeply relaxing technique melts away tensions, soothes the mind and revives the senses.  Skin is refreshed and radiance restored.

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Scalp, Neck & Decollete Massage Facial

Choose from our effective 20 minute treatment add ons
£23.00 each

Skin Expert Treatments

Whatever your sex, age or skin type, our powerful combination of plant enriched formulas and personalised massage movements means your skin is in the best hands.  Clarins treatments are designed to ensure maximum efficiency – delivering immediate, and long lasting results.

At the heart of each treatment lies a 25 minute massage, with unique-to-us microcirculation and drainage techniques that help smooth, shape, firm and relax skin to really get you glowing.

Expert Facials

Youth Expert

70 minutes - £88.50

Whether you’ve just spotted your first fine lines or have more mature skin that’s lacking in firmness and radiance, this facial is the ultimate youth boost.  A thorough skin diagnosis allows your therapist to create a treatment that addresses your particular concerns. Whether affected by hormonal changes, pollution or stress, this treatment will firm, tone and smooth lines – as well as delivering the trademark Clarins luminous glow.

Power Hydrator

70 minutes - £88.50

Like a long drink for the skin, this feel-good treatment pampers dry, fragile skin types – relieving tightness, plumping out fine lines and restoring comfort, softness and radiance.

Radiance Booster

70 minutes - £88.50

This glow getting treatment hits refresh on tired, lacklustre skin, delivering a double shot of radiance and hydration.  Microcirculation boosting massage and targeted products work synergistically to create enviably soft, luminous skin.

Anti-Blemish Rescue

70 minutes - £88.50

This detoxifying, purifying treatment is perfect for oily or combination skin types.  Impurities are gently removed, shine reduced and pores appear tightened.
Leave with clear, refreshed and rebalanced skin.

Skin Soother

70 minutes - £88.50

Calm and soothe sensitive skin with this highly effective, professional standard treatment.  Expect immediate comfort and a visible reduction.  Skin is left strengthened and radiant.



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Back Massage
Foot & Hand Massage
Scalp, Neck & Decollete Massage

Choose from our effective 20 minute treatment add ons £23.00 each


Aromatic Balancer

60 minutes - £59.00

Luxurious rebalancing facial treatment with aromatherapy oils. For all skin types.  Whatever your skin condition this customised treatment will rebalance and leave skin feeling rejuvenated.

Expert Body Treatments

Known as the body care specialists, we offer men and women targeted, personalised, solutions for every beauty concern.  Our therapists take a hands on approach – the ‘Clarins Touch’ – combining unique-to-us massage techniques with beautifully aromatic, plant enriched formulas to deliver proven results* and a blissful sense of well-being.

Body Shaper

1 hour 15 - £88.50

This slimming, firming treatment combines a draining, detoxifying massage and potent plant enriched products to sculpt your silhouette.  After a comprehensive skin analysis your therapist will personalise your treatment, focusing on your main concern, targeting orange peel skin or firming.  Expect newly defined contours and a body confidence boost.

Body Renew

1 hour 15 - £88.50

This blissfully relaxing treatment reveals soft, supple, smooth skin.  Gentle exfoliation detoxifies, renews and purifies the skin, whilst an indulgent layer of lotion is massaged in to deliver deep hydration.  Your body is beautified, your well-being boosted.

Skin Smoother

1 hour 15 - £88.50

An intensive double exfoliation treatment to deep cleanse and retexture skin.  This complete exfoliating treatment is the ideal preparation for all Clarins Body Treatments.  Using both mechanical and biological exfoliation techniques, it promotes extremely soft, bright and more evenly toned skin.

Maximise the results of your treatment by adding a skin boosting ADD ON.

Scalp, Neck & Decollete Massage Facial

Choose from our effective 20 minute treatment add ons
£21.00 each


Blissfully relaxing and utterly indulgent, Clarins massages are famed for their ability to deliver an unrivalled sensorial experience,  Able to simulate, tone, relax, revitalize and soothe, our highly trained therapists can customise them to your needs by selecting the massage technique and pressure most beneficial to you.  The blissful aromas and feel good textures of our plant-enriched products only adds to the experience.

Rebalancing massage

1 hour 10 - £75.00

Relax your body, restore your energy and ease muscle tension with this result driven treatment.  Our skilled therapists adapt their pressure to your preference and needs.  Choose between ‘Tonic’ Oil to help stimulate the body and mind or ‘Relax’ Oil to invoke a feeling of absolute calm.

Hot Stone

Full Body

1 hour - £75.00

Hot Stone


25 minutes - £41.00

Warm stones help relieve tension, fight fatigue and deliver an all over well-being boost.  Combined with our expert massage and blissful aroma therapeutic oils, you can expect total body relaxation.

Neck and Back Massage

20 minutes - £36.00

This tension relieving, knot-fighting massage delivers instant and long-lasting relief from any stiffness and soreness.  Your therapist adapts the pressure and customises our professional spa-only products to maximise the results to you.

Energising Back and Neck Massage

30 minutes - £45.00

Add to your normal massage an exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells, eliminate blockages and improve skin texture.

Traditional Swedish Massage

1 hour - £71.00

A classic massage providing relaxation by releasing muscle tension through various Swedish Massage techniques.

Beauty Sleep

1 hour 15 - £88.50

Fight fatigue with our ultra relaxing head-to-toe treatment.  Specially selected products and carefully adapted slower massage movements work on the face and body to create a deep sense of calm, proven to increase sleep quality*. Expect immediate and long term beauty and well-being benefits.  Skin is soothed, more radiant and refreshed, whilst stress is diminished.

Women agree:
89% felt this treatment was the equivalent to a good night’s sleep*
100% felt calmer, relaxed, rested and soothed*

Energy Booster

1 hour 15 - £88.50

This vitality-boosting mood-enhancing treatment uses energizing massage movements and optimized pressure to sweep away stress and help rebalance body and mind.  Afterwards your skin looks radiant and your body feels recalibrated.

A key feature in both Treatments: ‘lemniskate’

This figure-8 movement, the symbol of infinity, is continuously carried out on the body and the face.  It helps regulate and boost the circulation of vital energy.  Making it easier to let go and truly relax.


At Clarins we specialise in caring for mothers-to-be.  Using nourishing, gentle products, our full body treatment helps boost energy levels, skin resilience and makes you look and feel beautiful.


1 hour 5 - £62.00

Our specially created treatment focuses on nurturing your body both during and after pregnancy.  Gentle products nourish stretched skin and improve skin tone and elasticity.  A massage releases tensions, reduces heaviness in the legs, fights fatigue and delivers a dose of serenity.

Treatment available from 12 weeks up to 38 weeks.



Combined Tan

1 hour - £56.50

This includes full face and body exfoliation and tanning application.

Tan alone (Full body)

40 minutes - £37.00

Tan alone (Half body)

20 minutes - £25.00


MyClarins New Detox & Glow Facial

40 mins - £40.00

A hydrating facial powered by nature.

This multi-level treatment will pump the skin with goodness whilst removing all the nasties. Using NEW My Clarins, drench your skin with plant extracts to help fight the signs of a hectic lifestyle. Designed with plant extracts that promote radiance and hydration with an anti-pollution complex that will help protect the skin from the harmful effects of indoor and outdoor pollution. Your recipe for healthy skin starts here.